At SYNLawn® Okanagan, we want you to feel good about your decision to install synthetic grass. Some people might tell you polypropylene is the best way to go, and others will tell you nylon is the best. The best way to decide is to become more informed on how each product performs and which one is best for your needs.

SYNLawn® Okanagan has a full line of synthetic grasses ranging from nylon to polypropylene to polyethylene.

Polypropylene fans will tell you to stay away from nylon because it absorbs moisture. Nylon does absorb moisture; however, it has a completely reversible action. In fact, any type of synthetic turf will absorb moisture and they all dry out.

When you want synthetic grass for a long-term project it is best to go with nylon. It will look better and perform better than polypropylene. However, when following a set budget or for less permanent installations, polypropylene grasses are a cost effective alternative to nylon. Polypropylene is less expensive to install because it is less expensive to make. Polypropylene is also a good choice when it comes to dog and pet areas where you want to install SYNLawn®.

SYNLawn® are the only suppliers that produce grasses that are 100% nylon material, and it is a product we stand behind 100%.

  • Why choose nylon grass?

    There are several reasons to consider a nylon grass. Here are just a few:

  • The best carpets contain nylon.
  • Nylon is used to make fishing line, tooth brushes, athletic clothing, swimwear, umbrellas, luggage, car parts, tires, even parachutes; anything that requires flexibility and durability.
  • Nylon is the strongest and most resistant fibre of all synthetic fabrics.
  • Nylon looks better, and stays looking great longer than other synthetic fibres.

Synlawn Okanagan synthetic putting greens and landscaping

At SYNLawn® we manufacture, extrude and texturize all of our nylon fibres. SYNLawn’s technological advancements in yarn extrusion, thatch texturizing, and overall product construction have produced the most realistic and best performing turf products in the marketplace.

As the only supplier producing 100% nylon materials, we can offer you up to 12 years manufacturer warranty. We can do this because we know nylon is 26% stronger than polypropylene and 33% stronger than polyethylene. Our nylon synthetic grass manufacturing process has zero intentional lead added which meets or exceeds guidelines in Canada and the U.S.A.

When it comes down to it, yours is the final choice.For even more information, view our fact sheet HERE.

Talk to your SYNLawn® Okanagan representative and they’ll help you decide which synthetic grass is right for you.