Why buy SYNLawn® synthetic grass?

SYNLawn® artificial grass simply looks better, lasts longer and saves YOU time and money.  Water is a hot commodity in the Okanagan and synthetic grass is the perfect solution for keeping your landscape green.

SYNLawn’s mission is to lead the artificial grass industry through advanced product innovation, reducing the environmental footprint of traditional landscaping and fostering a culture of customer service excellence.

  • Saves water — over 50% reduction in residential water use
  • Massive time savings — more time to enjoy your yard than maintaining it
  • Reduced maintenance costs — are an immediate benefit
  • Reduced carbon emissions — from lawn equipment
  • Unmatched Product capabilities — the best performing turf in the industry
  • HeatBlock™ Technology — coolest turf in the synthetic turf landscape
  • BioCel™ Urethane coating — “green”est product offering in the market today
  • Zeolite for pet systems — proprietary pet systems which offer the cleanest and safest pet environments
  • Dave Pelz Golf — unmatched quest for realism and unparalleled study of performance
  • Green Linq 24 single ply primary backing — sustainable solutions built into our Green/LEED design backing
  • Celceram® secondary backing — environmental advantages using recycled components
  • LEED certification — Innovation in Design, Water Efficiency, Recycled content and Rapidly Renewable Product components
  • Over 60% of the petroleum based polyurethane is replaced with soybean oil, a renewable resource.
  • Strength & dimensional stability using post-manufacturing waste such as coal ash and plastic bottles.
  • Lower impact on local landfills with a long product life cycle and all SYNLawn products are 100% recyclable.
  • Sales support
  • Installation specs & support
  • The largest manufacturer of synthetic landscape grass and putting surfaces in North America.
  • 40 years in business.
  • Largest installer of synthetic landscape grass.
  • Only vertically integrated company in the industry that manufactures, distributes, installs and warrantees synthetic grass and synthetic putting green products and systems — complete systems from yarn to yard.
  • The most varieties of grass and the most options specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for different applications. We have the right grass for your application!
  • The only R&D lab and test facilities in the industry.
  • Manufacture backed warranty that includes replacement.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty up to 12 years.
  • Over 25,000 installations in North America since 2004.

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