Better than natural grass in almost every way

For commercial landscape applications there is simply nothing better than SYNLawn® artificial grass. Installing SYNLawn® artificial turf instead of natural sod eliminates so many hassles associated with maintenance, water consumption, environmental toxicity, time and energy. As an architect or landscape designer you will appreciate SYNLawns® membership with Green Business Builder International organization and LEED® certification. Many commercial applications like medians, common areas, shopping malls, rooftops, community playgrounds or facility landscapes benefit greatly with a quick return on investment simply by choosing SYNLawn® artificial grass.

Local Kelowna commercial buildings with flat rooftops are creating usable outdoor space that increases their ROI (return on investment) opportunities.  With so many hours of Okanagan sun you want a product that has UV protection, stays cooler and has a 15 year warranty.  With our exclusive HeatBloc™ technology you can rest assured your rooftop holds its’ value.