SYNLawn® is GBB Certified

Now green certified! As one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and installers of top quality artificial grass products SYNLawn® is proud to have recently joined the international organization Green Business Bureau. GBB is an international membership organization using online assessments that certify green businesses. As a member we are committed to keeping our environment more eco-friendly by being ‘green certified’. (Learn more here)

Part of participation in the largest global synthetic surfacing industry is to stand out as a business that is environmentally responsible. SYNLawn® is recognized as a leader of innovation in artificial grass products offering numerous premium artificial grass varieties that are environmentally friendly in manufacturing processes and applications.


WHY does this matter?


As responsible citizens, business owners and residential home-owners it is essential to our future to reduce water consumption and eliminate toxic, harmful chemicals from our environment. At SYNLawn® we strive to ‘make a difference’ through educating our customers as to why this matters.  Artificial grass is more environmentally friendly than natural grass, especially when green certified using eco-friendly materials in manufacturing.  SYNLawn® is earth, water and environmentally friendly!


Not all artificial grass is the same. SYNLawn® products are plant-based, 100% recyclable and sustainable with one of the best warranties in the market. SYNLawn® goes the extra mile through research and development, becoming certified with  (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.), and now with the Green Business Bureau.

You can rest assured your pet is safer with artificial grass. No mess – no fuss.  Eliminate pests in the grass, toxins and be green!


SYNLawn® synthetic grass products:

  • Provide optimal water drainage. No mess, puddles or mud. Pets and kids stay cleaner.
  • Has an exclusive EnviroLoc™ backing system that helps extend the life of the product, makes it stronger and more environmental. Eliminate ticks, fleas and rodents from your lawn!
  • Uses a HeatBlock™ technology that reflects the sun’s rays reducing the temperature of the grass. Walk barefoot on soft grass without burning your toosies!
  • More resilient, stronger and environmental!
  • Safer for playgrounds.

The Okanagan is not just a popular tourist destination. It is growing substantially. See why Kelowna is a great place to live at . As responsible citizens and with global warming it is essential to be environmentally responsible. That means being conscious of how much water we (or our land) consume, what harmful chemical we use and how we develop our communities. Your time is valuable too! Isn’t it more fun to play with the kids or just be a kid yourself?

Our professional sales team and installers are committed to providing excellent customer service with the best alternative to natural grass. In designing your landscape for the future we will help you create an environmentally friendly and beautiful place to call home. You will save on water, time and energy by enjoying all the amenities the Okanagan has to offer instead of spending your spare time mowing, weeding, fertilizing and watering.

We are here to help!  Call us for your free consultation for residential or commercial install of synthetic grass that will last for years to come.  250-765-4032.

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