Destination Okanagan

The Okanagan is ‘the’ place to be if you enjoy hot summer days with many lakes to swim in and beaches to play on. Choose one of our spectacular wine tours for world-renowned wines and magnificent views. Enjoy seasonal fresh fruit directly from our orchards and let the juice drip down your chin.  Plant a garden and serve fresh vegetables that will make any chef envious. Climb a mountain, ride a bike along miles of trails or go for a hike. In winter you can enjoy some of the best ski hills B.C. has to offer where you can snowshoe, cross-country or downhill ski.

 The Okanagan should be your next vacation destination!

Better yet, make it your intention to live here year round.  Housing prices are far less than the Vancouver market with all the amenities and we’re friendly too!  Great access from all over the world with Kelowna International Airport which has plans for expansion and more direct flights.

The topography of the Okanagan is diversified with breath-taking views.  Many home owners enjoy these views from their own front window. Kalamalka, Okanagan, Skaha, Vaseux and Osoyoos are only a few of the many lakes you can enjoy swimming, fishing or boating on.

Penticton lakeshore home

Penticton lakeshore home

Zero-Scaping is popular and environmental landscape, especially for an area where not only do you want to enjoy the sun, but your leisure time in it.  SYNLawn® landscape systems look natural, have UV protection, save water and money.  Not only is our artificial grass natural looking, heat resistant with our HeatBloc™ technology, most of the product line has a Class 1 fire rating (important in any residential area concerned about forest fires).  For the average home owner this may not be something initially considered when purchasing landscape materials but for anyone ever threatened by losing their home by fire it is a substantial consideration.  We go the extra mile in assuring safety to our customers!  Unlike many artificial grass products that can be hot to touch, especially for pooch’s paws or young children’s tootsies, HeatBloc™ technology exclusive to SYNLawn™ is cooler.



Some of us don’t want to live in a concrete world with busy streets.  If you want a yard of your own to relax and play on without the work.  If you want a backyard that’s green, cool and comfortable without the labour intensity that natural grass landscapes require…artificial grass is your answer.  SYNLawn® is the best alternative to natural grass and perfect for Okanagan living.

And… of course to have a putting green, play bocce ball or crochet in the yard without the need to mow, weed or water – well, does it get any better?

Bocce ball on SYNLawn®

Scrap the underground irrigation.  Sell the lawn mower.  Get rid of pesticides, fertilizers, hoses, grass seed and more.  This summer and for many, many more summers enjoy the outdoor games with artificial turf that looks and feels real. We offer 15 year warranty with SYNLawn® systems we install.

Hay fever?  Grass allergies are horrible.  Artificial grass allows you to breathe easier.

Fleas, ticks or mites on your dog?  Offer a cleaner space for Fido to run!

Dogs love SYNLawn

Dogs love SYNLawn – no more muddy paws

Business In The Okanagan

Ford Motors

Even business frontages look better with a display of green grass.  Picnic spots, dog areas, playgrounds and more look better with synthetic turf.  Our installers can transform your property in no time at all.  Destination Okanagan is the message we hope to send out to tourists from all over.  The heat and water restrictions are no excuse for not looking green.  We can all conserve with SYNLawn®.

Give us a call for your free consultation, business, residential, pool-side or lakeside no matter what the temperature.