Training Facilities, Sports Fields And More

Training facilities, sports fields and more are appreciating the quality and consistency SYNLawn® uses in the manufacturing of SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™. Fitness trainers and athletes appreciate our artificial grass systems that withstand tough, heavy traffic.  Every system is designed specifically to increase the performance for training exercises.

SpeedTurf™ & TrackTurf™ are specialty non infill synthetic turfs designed for agility, CrossFit, weight sled & utility strength training, both in and outdoors. It is engineered to increase performance and speed. Used by professional sports franchises and major colleges, this distinctive blended turf allows sleds and other weight training objects to slide easily across its surface, yet provide an excellent running surface to train on.Speed turf

With innovative shock absorbency designed to reduce impact, SpeedTurf & TrackTurf use a reinforced foam base layer that offers superior protection against jolts that reduces lower back fatigue, muscular exhaustion, shin splints, and other chronic injuries caused by improper shock absorption. Athletes can stretch, bend, and lay on SpeedTurf &TrackTurf with ease and comfort without worrying about hard and unforgiving rubber flooring.

SpeedTurf™ & TrackTurf™ allow athletes of every level to hone their skills on the field and off, refining performance and decreasing muscle fatigue. The artificial grass mimics the feel of real grass while providing additional shock absorbency so that every athlete can train to perform at their best with decreased risk of injury. With the industry leading manufacturer direct warranty you can train hard without worrying about having to replace your flooring every year. SpeedTurf™ & TrackTurf™ are built to be as tough as the athletes who train on them so they’re backed by a 9 year warranty.

Ideal for strength & agility training, sled pulls, Cross-Training, gym floors, weight lifting areas and indoor sports fields.

The Okanagan valley attracts athletes world-wide.  World class fitness and training facilities, amazing outdoor sports fields and incredible year-round opportunities make the Okanagan the place many athletes and sports enthusiasts come to.  With quality products like SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ athletes can train professionally with less injuries year-round.

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