Puppy Potty Training Pet Pads – Get Yours Today!

There’s a new puppy at SYNLawn® Okanagan and her name is Pearl. Puppy potty training pet pads are especially handy when house training! In fact, they are absolutely essential if your puppy is indoors at all.

So Proud!

Pet Pad in Crate

At 10 weeks old, Pearl is still learning manners and all about puppy potty training.  SYNLawn pet pads are the perfect tool for this job!  In the picture to the right we add an artificial grass pet pad to her crate for night time.  She feels safe and secure and we rest knowing there won’t be any ‘accidents’ on our floors.   We add a cozy blanket for her to cuddle on at bedtime.  In the morning we take the pet pad out and rinse it in the laundry sink or hose it off outside (as seen below).

During the day we place 2 small synthetic grass pet pads on a boot tray in the room she plays in.  These help with those instantaneous moments when getting outside isn’t possible.  She has a place to quickly squat that feels like grass and helps her understand the concept of going outside.

So quick and easy to clean!

Just rinse out the urine and good to go.  Any other messes can be easily picked up and flushed down the toilet.

The boot tray adds extra security for moisture!

This is cleaner and easier than using a litter box and your puppy learns that doing his/her business on grass is the way to go.


We don’t add detergents or irritants as puppies can be sensitive to scents.

Pick up your puppy potty training pad at SYNLawn®.  We are located at the corner of McCurdy Road and Hwy. 97 but have intentions to move locations soon so stay tuned for updates.

You can call us at 866-758-7888 for directions or to find the nearest distributor for SYNLawn® products in other areas.

We also offer a $200 discount on a pet system when you adopt a pet from our local BC SPCA’s.  See our article here.

If you prefer to watch a video and hear why SYNLawn® artificial grass is perfect for pets take a moment and listen to what Jamie has to say: Click here.

Make your life easier and your pets life happier with SYNLawn®!

Dog Owners

Are you a dog owner?  Fifty-seven percent of Canadian Households own pets’ – at least this was what the Alberta ministry stated in 2014.

At SYNLawn Okanagan® we are dog owners!  As a local distributor of artificial grass pet systems we want all dogs to feel clean and healthy. SYNLawn® is a proud sponsor of SPCA International who’s mission is: ‘to advance the safety and well-being of animals from cruelty and neglect around the world.’  Pet adoption to good homes with loving pet owners is essential.  The SPCA adoption program is the most responsible way to contribute to the neglect and abuse of dogs.  Providing a healthy space for you and your pet to play in the grass is where we come in. We supply and install artificial grass for pets that provide a clean, healthy and easy to maintain system for both you and your dog.

In support of the SPCA cause SYNLawn® distributors across North America contribute 50 cents per square foot of our sales with our product SYNZoysia 633.  For every dog adopted locally we will contribute up to $250 off your pet system.


This artificial grass is:

  • Plant-based
  • Has up to 15 year manufacturer warranty
  • Is pet-friendly so safer by eliminating pesticides, fertilizers, fleas, ticks and other pests penetrating into your pets system.
  • Is manufactured with our exclusive EnviroLoc™ backing system which is approximately 60 – 70% green by weight
  • Has our HeatBloc technology keeping it cooler for paws
  • Is LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Allows for proper drainage eliminating puddles, mud and mess

And much more>>>

Locally, Woofy World in Kelowna are happy customers of SYNLawn Okanagan®.  Woofy World invites you to check out their website and facilities.  If you are looking for a friendly, happy place for your dog’s daycare give them a call at (250) 764-4579 to arrange your dog’s next visit


Elaine’s Pet Resorts  have SYNLawn® pet systems installed throughout their facilities in the U.S. and are also extremely happy with SYNLawn’s pet systems.  Check out their site and video’s to see just how synthetic grass makes a difference.

If you have a puppy or dog who loves to bury his bones and treasures, and you care about the appearance of your grass what do you do?


Our synthetic (artificial) grass systems for pets will prevent holes from being dug in your yard, keep your puppy cleaner, reduce or eliminate pests such as fleas, ticks and other burrowing insects from getting into your pet’s coat which in turn is brought into the home.  All our pet grass products are designed with an interlocking weave that eliminates digging while still allowing proper drainage.

We will take care in working with you, as the pet owner to determine the best solution for your needs. With organic zeolite crystals that reduce pet urine odors the yard will smell fresh. No more yellow stains or dead patches of lawn that requires repair and re-seeding.  No more dead grass on your dog’s coat or muddy paws tracked into the house.

Our HeatBloc™ technology will keep your puppy’s feet cooler.  With UV protection in our artificial grass systems your lawn will look and last longer as well as be protected by our 15 year warranty.




“Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.”

-Josh Billings

We know you love to see your dog wagging its’ tail, playing happily in the yard, feeling healthy and safe.  That is why we are so proud to have such a great product to offer our customers.  Together we can support SPCA International with the wonderful services they provide with pet adoption and dog awareness. Call us today to consult with one of our professionals and learn how you can provide the best alternative to natural grass installing the perfect pet system – 250-765-4032. 

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