New For 2017!

We have moved!  Or shall I say we have left McCurdy Road and are continuing to serve the Okanagan Valley by coming to your doorstep.  In the near future we will have a new location but we’re keeping that a secret for now.  Meanwhile we continue to provide free quotes, answering questions or concerns on why you would want to choose SYNLawn® or a synthetic grass product and which one will best provide the perfect solution for you.

This Spring we have been very busy installing residential landscapes for local customers between Osoyoos and Kamloops.  There is a lot going on in the Okanagan!  Water restrictions and high costs for water usage, our dry climate, wild fires and so much new construction with commercial and residential building keep us on our toes.  Despite the seemingly high cost of quality synthetic grass, consumers are realizing and appreciating the long-term value – especially with our 15 year warranty.

Check out some of our recent testimonials from our 2017 customers at the bottom of our home page: We always appreciate feedback from our customers so that we can continue to improve our service and products!  We also love to receive photo’s from customers enjoying their new landscape or putting green.

Gary & Pam “Love The Product”

The Owl Rescue (SORCO) near Oliver, BC puts SYNLawn® over the bird perches.

The Innovation Centre of Design in Kelowna

A recent installation near Vernon – Class A Fire Rating on SYNLawn products!

Imagine this view every day!

The Okanagan is such an amazing, beautiful location to live in.  Why wouldn’t you want a green lawn without the worry of water restrictions, need to spend your leisure time mowing or caring for your grass?  Putting greens have become the hottest residential activity for home owners, replacing pools, but why not a putting green beside your pool?

Installing a playground space for your children?  Consider the safety factor of a fall.  We have the best protection for under swings, slides, climbing bars or around trampolines to cushion any accidental fall.  Ask our experts!

We are here to answer your questions at 250-765-4032 and come by to provide an in-depth quote with samples of our numerous products.  We hope to hear from you soon. You can fill in the contact form if you prefer us to call you.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Kelowna Living

Kelowna living is popular because of the great climate, affordable housing, incredible outdoor activities and spectacular diversity.  With so many lakes, mountains and recreational opportunities who wants to spend time every weekend doing yard work?

Kelowna Is #1 

We’ll do the work for you so you can have all the fun!

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Kelowna living in a semi-arid climate and an average of only about 280 mm of precipitation a year is great for those who enjoy the heat of summer but where there are 4 seasons of change. With about 304/365 days of sunshine in Kelowna and surrounding area many ornamental plants that grow well in other areas of the province do not do as well here, especially without constant watering.

To save a lot of time and energy careful consideration to landscape design and water conservation is essential, especially if you prefer to have fun instead of mowing grass.  Although you may enjoy a rich and colorful garden you may want to consider xeriscape landscaping as a better alternative.  Soil conditions; type of soil, mulch, drainage, etc. and direct sunlight depend on how you plan your landscape for success.  Artificial grass can enhance the appearance of your yard while looking natural, green and cool.  Knowing the difference between artificial grass products, why some feel cooler, last longer and look better to maximize the longevity of artificial grass is important.  That is why our SYNLawn® team is here.  We want you to be happy so you can relax and enjoy your landscape for years to come.

 Xeriscape landscaping is a sensible and responsible use of land in the Okanagan

Definition of Xeriscape:

  1. It is a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance, used in arid regions.
  2. Xeriscaping is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. (Wikipedia)

An Okanagan view home utilizing synthetic grass putting green installed by SYNLawn® and xeriscape landscape design to maximize their yard and minimize water consumption.

Create an oasis with a SYNLawn putting green in your yard this year.

Another big problem that has plagued many property owners and gardeners in the Okanagan is the increasing deer population.  If you have recently moved into the Kelowna area and are unfamiliar with the problems deer create for avid gardeners you could be in for a surprise.  They have been known to harm and even kill small pets in their own yards.  They eat almost all vegetation, especially colourful flowers and leave a mess to clean up. High fences are often not even a deterrent and certainly are not appealing when you have a gorgeous view you want to enjoy.  So what can you do?  You can eliminate their food source!  Plant deer-resistant plants and install artificial grass.

Deer can’t eat synthetic grass.  Take away their reason for visiting and they will move onward.  This synthetic grass yard gives Fido peace of mind to romp and play without any worry of a deer attack.

There are many excellent garden consultants, landscape designers and nurseries in the area who are happy to advise what plants are best suited for our local environment.  Creating a xeriscape, natural landscape with SYNLawn® artificial grass which is the best alternative to natural grass will give you peace of mind to spend your leisure time doing what you love.

Enjoy the great outdoors and diversity the Okanagan valley has to offer! Kelowna living offers opportunity for all ages!  Give us a call anytime for a free consultation at 866-758-7888 or 250-765-4032.  We’re here to help you relax.  Click here to submit a form.





Destination Okanagan

The Okanagan is ‘the’ place to be if you enjoy hot summer days with many lakes to swim in and beaches to play on. Choose one of our spectacular wine tours for world-renowned wines and magnificent views. Enjoy seasonal fresh fruit directly from our orchards and let the juice drip down your chin.  Plant a garden and serve fresh vegetables that will make any chef envious. Climb a mountain, ride a bike along miles of trails or go for a hike. In winter you can enjoy some of the best ski hills B.C. has to offer where you can snowshoe, cross-country or downhill ski.

 The Okanagan should be your next vacation destination!

Better yet, make it your intention to live here year round.  Housing prices are far less than the Vancouver market with all the amenities and we’re friendly too!  Great access from all over the world with Kelowna International Airport which has plans for expansion and more direct flights.

The topography of the Okanagan is diversified with breath-taking views.  Many home owners enjoy these views from their own front window. Kalamalka, Okanagan, Skaha, Vaseux and Osoyoos are only a few of the many lakes you can enjoy swimming, fishing or boating on.

Penticton lakeshore home

Penticton lakeshore home

Zero-Scaping is popular and environmental landscape, especially for an area where not only do you want to enjoy the sun, but your leisure time in it.  SYNLawn® landscape systems look natural, have UV protection, save water and money.  Not only is our artificial grass natural looking, heat resistant with our HeatBloc™ technology, most of the product line has a Class 1 fire rating (important in any residential area concerned about forest fires).  For the average home owner this may not be something initially considered when purchasing landscape materials but for anyone ever threatened by losing their home by fire it is a substantial consideration.  We go the extra mile in assuring safety to our customers!  Unlike many artificial grass products that can be hot to touch, especially for pooch’s paws or young children’s tootsies, HeatBloc™ technology exclusive to SYNLawn™ is cooler.



Some of us don’t want to live in a concrete world with busy streets.  If you want a yard of your own to relax and play on without the work.  If you want a backyard that’s green, cool and comfortable without the labour intensity that natural grass landscapes require…artificial grass is your answer.  SYNLawn® is the best alternative to natural grass and perfect for Okanagan living.

And… of course to have a putting green, play bocce ball or crochet in the yard without the need to mow, weed or water – well, does it get any better?

Bocce ball on SYNLawn®

Scrap the underground irrigation.  Sell the lawn mower.  Get rid of pesticides, fertilizers, hoses, grass seed and more.  This summer and for many, many more summers enjoy the outdoor games with artificial turf that looks and feels real. We offer 15 year warranty with SYNLawn® systems we install.

Hay fever?  Grass allergies are horrible.  Artificial grass allows you to breathe easier.

Fleas, ticks or mites on your dog?  Offer a cleaner space for Fido to run!

Dogs love SYNLawn

Dogs love SYNLawn – no more muddy paws

Business In The Okanagan

Ford Motors

Even business frontages look better with a display of green grass.  Picnic spots, dog areas, playgrounds and more look better with synthetic turf.  Our installers can transform your property in no time at all.  Destination Okanagan is the message we hope to send out to tourists from all over.  The heat and water restrictions are no excuse for not looking green.  We can all conserve with SYNLawn®.

Give us a call for your free consultation, business, residential, pool-side or lakeside no matter what the temperature.

Okanagan Living

The Okanagan valley is a prime location where construction is booming, the job market is hot and the weather is beautiful all year round.  Okanagan living is fun for everyone!  Castanet recently rated Kelowna number two for the hottest job market in Canada.  Students attending UBC’s Okanagan campus, young families looking for a healthier and more viable lifestyle and retirees wanting a desirable climate with diverse activity are moving here. You should too!  As far as real estate investing this is a perfect time to purchase property in the Okanagan.  Mortgage rates are low, rental homes are in demand and houses are still affordable.  The Okanagan is a popular vacation destination in the summer but also boasts some of the best ski hills in Canada. The valley also offers renowned hiking & bike trails for all levels of fitness enthusiasts and a wide range of activities for all age groups with many great swimming, boating and fishing lakes.  If the great outdoors and fresh air is something you value you definitely want to check out this unique oasis situated in south central British Columbia.

With the City of Vancouver being one of the third highest real estate markets in the world many residents are leaving the area.  Kelowna sits between Vancouver and Calgary in the most desirable location in all of Canada.  Orchards, vineyards, lakes, mountains and a diverse topography add to the ambience of this amazing valley. The Kelowna International airport flew 1,594,467 million passengers in 2015 with total economic impact of 2,730 jobs and $610 million for the province of BC.  With the City of Penticton approximately an hour drive on Hwy. 97 with a scenic view is the Penticton Regional airport. Penticton is conveniently located on Vancouver International Airport routes to the Pacific coast, the B.C. interior and Alaska, Penticton Regional Airport is your destination to fun, sun and hospitality.

Numerous Golf Courses


Home owners are enjoying personal backyard putting greens all over the Okanagan!

The Okanagan is a golfer’s paradise with numerous courses up and down the valley.   SYNLawn signed an endorsement agreement with Tom Watson, five-time British Open Champion and two-time Masters winner, and also teamed up with world-renowned teaching professional, best-selling author, and golf researcher Dave Pelz.  SYNLawn in BC has a renewed partnership with the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of British Columbia.  We, at SYNLawn Okanagan enjoy working with home owners and commercial golf enthusiasts improving the quality of golf with our golf putting greens, T-lines, practice mats and more.  Our backyard golf putting greens have become a popular way to entertain friends and family while also improving golf skills.  See more on our golf page.

Create your own fun with SYNLawn

Hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, horse-back riding, rock climbing, sailing, and so much more are enjoyed by sports enthusiasts, families and friends.  Love dogs?  The Okanagan is dog-friendly for sure and a great way to meet other pet owners is by getting out on the trails or going to one of many of our dog parks.

Happy SYNLawn® dogs

So…if you are considering moving to the Okanagan Valley, anywhere from Vernon to the border town of Osoyoos and all spots in between please drop by to our showroom location on the corner of McCurdy road and Highway 97 to introduce yourself.  We are happy to welcome you and answer any of your questions. 250-765-4032.

Synlawn Okanagan showroom Kelowna Interior and Exterior