Artificial Turf Is The New Way Of Landscaping

Artificial turf is the new way of landscaping for many, especially those who have experienced or are concerned about wild fires.  It’s been a hot, dry summer in B.C. that has resulted in too many wild fires, too much smoke and an enormous expense to our province and country.  There are still many fires burning and with uncontrollable winds and still a lack of rain even the cooler temperature can’t contain the devastation.  As mentioned in our previous post SYNLawn® is proud of our Class A Fire rating.  Landscapers and developers are aware of the importance in providing not only a beautiful landscape designed yard but a safe one as well.  This is one of the many reasons artificial turf is being recommended to new home buyers.  Saving time and money in the long run by installing a synthetic grass system simply makes sense.  We, at SYNLawn Okanagan are also proud to have realtors such as Lyndi Cruikshank of Royal Lepage Locations West Realty suggesting to home owners our artificial turf could improve their home equity.  We recently installed lakeside artificial grass at 3973 Lakeshore Road, Penticton, B.C. to improve the value and potential of a sale.  This is a beautiful home close to town while having a private beach and amazing view of Skaha Lake.

Imagine walking out your back door onto a patio like this?  Only a few steps down and you can be onto your own private pier, into your own private boat and enjoying the water.  Check it out!

We have also been receiving many calls from developers in the North Okanagan such as Coldstream, Predator Ridge, Adventure Bay.  If you are up that way be sure to check out Nicholas Alexander Landscaping where we have a display.  We are always happy to work with landscapers and designers to provide the best products and customer service for Okanagan residents.

There has been some confusion for many customers who were familiar with our McCurdy Road showroom, and new customers who are searching for us on social media as to where we are now located.  We are here!  We are temporarily mobile offering a better price to our customers, being available for quotes right at your property and serving the Okanagan from the border to Kamloops.  Be sure to call us: 250-765-4032 to schedule a consultation, ask questions and get the perfect representative to serve your needs.  We will announce our new location in the Spring.

Penticton home on Okanagan lake recently had a SYNLawn® make-over.

Vernon lakeside home.

No matter what your landscape needs; steep terrain, drylands, large or small we are happy to install.  Got pets?  Dogs love artificial turf to roll in and dog owners appreciate the easy clean-up.  Putting greens, bocce ball, tennis courts, lawn bowling, playgrounds and trampoline users all enjoy the cleanliness and ease of a synthetic grass system.  The Okanagan is a place to play, laugh and enjoy the outdoors.  Spend your time doing what you love!  We’ll even come in when necessary to maintain your SYNLawn® system on an annual basis so you don’t have to rake the leaves or clean up.

Call us today!  250-765-4032 or submit your name for a free consultation to the right.

Okanagan Area Wild Fires

Oh it has been a wild fire summer!  Hot temperatures with no rain continues to affect our landscape. Gone are the days of green lawns and an abundance of irrigation water.  Here to stay are water restrictions that limit water consumption for irrigating our lawns and gardens.  Conscientious home and business owners are having to re-think landscape designs.  Xeriscaping is now the way to go!

A xeriscape front yard does not have to be all rock.  As seen above SYNLawn® Okanagan created a green space that looks like real grass with a creek flowing through by simply cutting the artificial grass and being a little creative.

As Okanagan residents continue to experience heavy smoke in all areas with limited visibility, water restrictions and hot temperatures the idea of installing synthetic grass landscape systems become more popular.  SYNLawn® products have a Class A fire rating which is comforting especially with concerns of wild fires.  If you enjoy shade and colour in your yard it’s easy to plant a few shade trees and potted plants to brighten up and customize your landscape.

During the summer of 2017 the SYNLawn® Okanagan team have been installing many backyard and front yard putting greens for home owners.  Pools are a popular item in the Okanagan as well.  Having synthetic grass installed around your pool will help eliminate grass cuttings in the pool, feel soft on the feet and look amazing.

Put away, better yet sell your lawn mower and enjoy the time freedom with quiet summer days doing what you love.  Grass allergies be gone!  The smell of fresh cut grass may seem pleasant to some but with those who suffer from allergies it can feel confining and concerning.

Tall pines are common in the Okanagan but also a fire hazard.  The dry pine needles and dry branches of these trees should be cut back from any residential landscape to help eliminate the possibility of wild fires spreading onto your property.  Safety and fun are number one!

School is back in session and for many it is a time to get back into routines.  This could be your time to consider how you can scale back on the yard work and have additional protection from the worries of sparks that could start a fire in the dry climate of the Okanagan.  Keep your home safer, use less water but still have a green and beautiful landscape with an artificial grass system by giving us a call today.

We are mobile, serving the Okanagan supply and installing synthetic grass systems for commercial and residential property owners.  We work with landscape specialists and designers that can create a yard that allows you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors without the work involved to maintain it.

We also have a fantastic pet product that will keep your lawn smelling fresh, looking green all year long.  No more yellow areas or smelly spots!

Got questions about synthetic grass, pet systems, rooftop applications, golf putting greens and/or landscape ideas?  Give us a call to schedule a free estimate: 1-250-765-4032.