SYNLawn Okanagan helps improve Boucherie road

Wine Trail Beautification and SYNLawn® Okanagan

Pilot projects can lead to great things, as was the case with the median on Gordon and Bernard Avenues in Kelowna. The City of Kelowna and SYNLawn® Okanagan installed artificial grass in the median instead of live grass, plants or hot paving stones. Artificial grass median beautifies the City.

Once the results were in, it was clear that investing in the synthetic turf would and has saved the City on costs for maintenance, time, equipment, resources and of course, water.

The project on Boucherie Road began when the District of West Kelowna saw value in the look and performance of the pilot project in Kelowna. We worked together to create a green looking space on the new median, which runs from Highway 97 and up Boucherie Road.

Boucherie Road is classified as an arterial route, and provides access to numerous neighbourhoods in the District, including Lakeview Heights, South Mount Boucherie, Sunnyside and Green Bay. It is a transit route and an alternate route should Highway 97 ever close down. The District needed to upgrade the road to a higher urban standard, and keep it a low maintenance so as not to disrupt traffic flow.

Boucherie Road is also the beginning of the Westside Wine Trail, which increases the traffic flow even more in the summer months.

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, the median does not have to be mowed, weeded or watered, which saves on time, equipment and resources for the District. This cost savings is multiplied, as with SYNLawn® in place, there is no need for flaggers, as there is with traditional median maintenance.

The project included approximately 10,000 sq. feet of SYNLawn® placed in the divider between the lanes. Compared to natural grass, this project will save over 150,000 litres of water per year and does not require harmful chemicals to keep weeds down.

As an added bonus, it looks great and gives consistent curb appeal as tourists and locals drive up the Boucherie Road portion of the Westside Wine Trail.

SYNLawn® and Pets

Many people believe they can’t have SYNLawn® when they have pets. After all it’s not real grass. Those little presents from Fido and Fluffy aren’t going to be fertilizing anything. What about diggers and lawn surfers, surely artificial grass is out of the question.

SYNLawn® can actually be better for your pets than live vegetation. You don’t need pesticides or fertilizers, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals transferring onto your pets and being tracked back into your home. SYNLawn® also keeps your yard free of pests like fleas and ticks. We can even design your lawn to keep out moles, mice and gophers.

With SYNLawn® there’s no mud for your pet to bring inside, no grass clippings either. The time you save by not having to mow or water your lawn can be spent enjoying your yard and your pets.

SYNLawn® Pet Systems take into account the size of your animal, the area they will be in, the time they spend in that area and any security measures you need for dogs that may like to dig. Once all this is calculated, we then add in your personal preferences.  SYNLawn® has the largest selection of artificial pet grass in the industry so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your needs.

Playing, peeing or pooping, pets are hard on natural lawns, leaving highly fertilized areas in one spot and completely dead lawn in another. The drainage system in SYNLawn® will accommodate up to 30” of any type of liquid per hour. SYNLawn® also has built in odour control. Natural zeolite crystals eliminate up to 80% of the odour caused by ammonia in pet waste. Combined with regular maintenance you won’t smell a thing.

Then there are dogs that can destroy a natural lawn in no time at all. The security methods in SYNLawn® Pet System guard against heavy wear or running, pulling, digging, chewing and anything else your rambunctious fur kid dishes out.

To see some samples of lawn types available click here

Synlawn Okanagan frequently asked questions


Q: What is the difference between SYNLawn® and the all the other turf companies?

A: SYNLawn® is a fully integrated synthetic grass company. We are the only company that maintains control over quality every step of the way from product manufacturing, to design, installation and warranty. SYNLawn® is there every step of the way.

Q: How long will the SYNLawn® last in climates like we have in the Okanagan?

A: SYNLawn is manufactured to be used climates like those found in Arizona, Las Vegas, and Nevada. All turf, no matter who manufactures it, is susceptible to harmful UV rays and direct sunlight. SYNLawn products are guaranteed to last from 7 – 12 years, depending on the type of turf chosen. We based our warranty on the lifespan of the grasses in areas where the UV index is high and for longer periods of time than in the Okanagan. The cooler winter months in the Okanagan offer a reprieve from the summer sun, so our products will normally outlast our warranty.

Q: I have pets… how do I keep my synthetic lawn clean?

A: SYNLawn® products have drainage holes in the backing of the turf that allows for any liquid, including urine, to drain efficiently. In the summer, when there are long periods of time without rain, we recommended you simply rinse the area to avoid any odours or lingering bacteria.

For solid wastes, simply scoop and dispose of the solid stuff then rinse the rest with a garden hose. If it’s a big mess, you can easily clean it up using a solution of equal parts of vinegar and water, then rinse with the hose. That’s all there is to it, and your pets will love it!

Q: Does synthetic grass get hot in the Okanagan sun?

A: All of SYNLawn’s product will be at least ambient temperature. Non-infilled products will be cooler than the infilled products. Once you add the infill (a mixture of sand and rubber) it tends to retain more heat than the non-infilled products. More information about these products are available on the SYNLawn website.

Q: Are all putting greens the same?

A: At SYNLawn® we know that one type of turf does not fit all needs. We manufacture 27 different types of putting green surfaces for all types of conditions and demands. SYNLawn’s golf products utilize a multi-curled material design to ensure a uniform roll from any direction. With over 15 years of experience and a decade of research and development in putting greens we produce a line of golf turf that is unparalleled in the industry.

Q: What do they mean by face weight and total weight?

A: The face weight is the weight of the fibres in one square yard of synthetic turf not including the backing (only the grass blades). Face weight determines the thickness of the grass.

Total weight is the weight in one square yard of grass fibres and the backing (the total product). It is important to know the difference as the amount between face and total weight will vary as much as .77 of a kilogram or 27 ounces.

Synlawn Okanagan spring cleaning for your synthetic lawn

Spring Cleaning Your SYNLawn®

Even synthetic lawns need a little maintenance now and then. Here’s a quick and easy checklist for spring maintenance of your SYNLawn®.

  • Use a leaf blower to blow away any plant debris
  • Heavier debris should be picked up by hand.
  • Spring rains should take away most of the dust and dirt. If there are still some dirty spots, hose them down. Check with your SYNLawn® Okanagan rep before using a pressure washer.
  • Remove any old solid pet waste immediately and wash down with a mixture of hot water and distilled vinegar, then rinse.
  • If an area is still soiled, use a sponge mop with a five per cent solution of low sudsing household detergent and rinse with hot water.
  • Mold and fungus can be easily removed with a one percent solution of hydrogen peroxide in water. Rinse afterward with the hose. keep your SYNLawn® looking great for the rest of the year make sure you brush it periodically.

Even though you have to do a little spring-cleaning on your SYNLawn® remember, there’s no weeding, cutting or irrigating!

If you find excessive dirt, discolouration or disfiguration call your SYNLawn® Okanagan dealer. These problems can be resolved quickly and easily, leaving you free to enjoy your lawn for the rest of the spring and summer!

For complete information on how to keep your SYNLawn® looking great all year round click here